100 WC for 10/14/17

Blog Posts for the 100 Word Challenge

The 100 Word Challenge – Due 10/14/17

Describe your most treasured item without actually giving what it is away. 

Things to think about:

  • Why is it so precious to you?
  • Who gave it to you or how did you come to have it?
  • As you cannot say its name, use lots of adjectives and descriptions.

Here is Mr.Murphy’s example:

It sits on my finger. It’ been there since April 2014. I chose it with my wife. I really like it; she likes it less so. But, it’s me that’s got to wear it. It goes everywhere with me. I’ll wear it forever. On the odd occasion I take it off, I really worry about losing it! My cold, metal, matt metal object sitting there on my left hand. No one ever really mentions it. I play with it when nervous. But, it’s there for all to see. Especially me! As I finish, I’m looking at it right now…

2 Replies to “100 WC for 10/14/17”

  1. Something cute that might be a vegetarian I hope it can be a librarian.If not still fluffy but it might be puffy.Big fluffy ears but not to shear if you go near it might be in fear. Brown and white what ever would it be ?If guessed right you might be fond of what you see.Can you guess what it can be.Here is some more clues it’s fragile and its agile most importantly its graceful but not that playful.Now can you guess I hope you say yes because it’s a bless.if you say it you might not be surprised how much i love this feminine mostly Mexican thing.

  2. When i got home i saw a something with some frosting and marshmallows with cinnamon and on top of it was a edible branch and the holder is red to hold the and with 2 little guys on the on the top the and with something on there hand there were holding it in the air and it looks like a stick with fire on the tip of the stick one is standing and one is sitting down on top of the frosting and the other is standing at the edge of the frosting and the guys are wearing white overalls.

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